I am enrolled in a very challenging English class and was warned that it’s next to impossible to do well on the essays, but with Mr. Bahen’s help I’ve been able to be successful in the class. He doesn’t write your essay for you, he gives constructive suggestions to work with to improve your essay. I was at first reluctant to using a tutor because it felt somewhat like cheating, but I realized that using Mr. Bahen actually made me work harder on my essays because he pushed my writing to be as good as possible through his suggestions. He’s very good not only at catching grammar mistakes, but giving advice on the content of the essay. The “72-hour turn around” is very convenient for me as I normally wouldn’t have time to meet with a tutor in person. I would highly recommend using Mr. Bahen as a tutor!

-Abbie, Student, Portland Public Schools

I was Mr. Bahen’s most ornery student. As a math and science girl, I never thought anyone would be able to end my disdain for history classes, let alone bring out a passion for them. Mr. Bahen doesn’t just lecture on a subject, he brings life to it. He makes you feel attached to the information, by allowing you to develop your opinions on it. He teaches his students to think about issues from many points of view and has a way of getting students to care about the past and its importance for the future. He teaches students about more than getting an A and filling up worksheets with empty answers; he teaches you to think about what you are learning. By the end of the year, history was my favorite class, and Mr. Bahen my favorite teacher.

-Ellie, Student, Portland Public Schools

I have known Gary Bahen for the last four years and have a high level of respect for him as both a colleague and a personal friend.  I worked with him for two years at West Sylvan, where we designed curriculum and refined grading processes, and I continue to collaborate with him to enhance my curriculum at the high school level.  He is an extremely organized person and has a breadth of knowledge in both Social Studies and Language Arts. His attention to detail is uncanny, which is extraordinarily helpful for students, especially writers, of all ages.  Gary’s high expectations have not only helped me to improve my own planning and grading practices as a teacher, but also have benefited his students immensely.  He builds rapport with students through these expectations by creating a space where kids are held accountable for their work, while receiving the care and support that they need for academic success.  His passion for helping students is evident in all aspects of his work, as their success is always the central focus.  I would highly recommend Gary as a tutor or editor for any student or professional.

-Sadie, Teacher, Portland Public Schools

I have come to know Mr. Gary Bahen over the course of the last few years. All my interactions will him have been nothing but professional. His love and dedication to his work and passion to see his students succeed is something that doesn’t come along often. Anyone with the ability to acquire him and his multiple talents will be lucky. [My daughter] has come to respect him and his demand for nothing short of what she is capable of (or anyone else at that matter).

-Amanda, Parent, Portland

I’ve worked with Gary at the middle and high school level for the past four years and my son was his student for two of those years in English, Reading, Writing and History.  Gary is a very caring, patient, flexible, and knowledgeable teaching professional who prepares his lesson plans in a very thoughtful and organized manner.  Gary understands the mindset of the teenage and young adult learner and is able to connect with them. He works closely with students in a step-by-step process to master the skills of reading and writing which only increase in high school with the requirements of research and other papers. These skills are essential for college prep.

-Cynthia, Parent, Portland

Mr. Bahen is by far the best history teacher I have ever had. The work can be tough sometimes, but it is always worth it and I feel like I learn so much in his class. He is very passionate about history and knows how to engage students. Just do your work and pay attention and I promise you will learn so much. I’m truly thankful to have him as a teacher.

-Anonymous (ratemyteachers.com), Student, Portland